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#WeReportBVR: Voters 'Forced' To Submit Details To Bogus Polling Officers
#WeReportBVR: Voters 'Forced' To Submit Details To Bogus Polling Officers
Plumtree Villagers Launch Self-funding Project
Plumtree Villagers Launch Self-funding Project
Do You Want To Monitor Local Elections? Be A Citizen Reporter Today
Do You Want To Monitor Local Elections? Be A Citizen Reporter Today
Stormy Rains Blow Away Plumtree School
Stormy Rains Blow Away Plumtree School

Voters at some polling stations in Insiza constituency are reportedly being forced to submit their voter registration information such as serial numbers to unknown people masquerading as polling officers. 

MATABELELAND SOUTH, (Citizens Reports) - Voters at some polling stations in Insiza constituency are reportedly being forced to submit their voter registration information such as serial numbers to unknown people masquerading as polling officers. 

This report has been leaked by Biometric Voter Registration observers stationed at some polling stations (names withheld to protect observers) in the Constituency. 

However, more information could not disclosed for fear of scuttling investigations on the matter which has since been reported to ZEC, the local elections governing body. 

Editor's note: The Citizen Bulletin is currently running #WeReportBVR, a campaign aimed at 'harvesting' citizen generated stories on their election experiences including the ongoing BVR process. You can be a Citizen Reporter today. CLICK HERE for more details on how to send your reports. 

Tshitshi villagers have launched an ambitious self-funding project — the Endowment Building Programme — to raise local grants to support community development. 

PLUMTREE, (Citizen Reports) — Tshitshi villagers have launched an ambitious self-funding project — the Endowment Building Programme — to raise local grants for supporting community development. 

The project which was launched last week was organised by the Community Foundation for the Western Region of Zimbabwe (CFWRZ). CFWRZ is currently working with local communities to promote community self-funding through an initiative dubbed "Qogelela".

Qogelela is a Ndebele term which describes the process of mobilising resources in smaller amounts. The initiative has been adopted by economically disadvantaged communities across Matabeleland and Midlands provinces. 

“Being part of Qogelela helps even the orphans within the community,” Chief Tshitshi whose jurisdiction the area where the project was launched falls said. “If people assist each other, it helps the community as a whole.”

The Chief said it was imperative for villagers to embrace the project to advance local development.

Sibanda Phakamisa, a local Councillor representing the Assembly of Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC), a watchdog for community funds, said villagers had embraced the project in order “to end the culture of begging.”

“The Qogelela project is building a sustainable fund that works as a springboard for development projects in the communities,” he said adding that there was no need for villagers to continue begging if they could raise funds to support local projects.

“Of importance is that the owners of the funds are the contributors from the community themselves, whilst management is done by CFWRZ, with ACAC as the watchdog.”

Mangwe legislator and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Honorable Obedingwa Mguni applauded the launch of the project and urged locals to fully embrace it to advance community development.

Tshitshi joins villages such as Thekwane, Ndiweni, Nyele, Nguwanyana, Silima, Embakwe and Empandeni amongst others from Bulilima and Mangwe which have already embraced Community Endowment projects.

The Community Endowment Programme which will be run by Self Help Groups has since received a start-up grant of $1,000.

Editor's note: This article was done in partnership with Getjenge Community Radio, a Plumtree based community news initiative. 

Don't just be an armchair critic. Be a mover and shaker. Be a Citizen Reporter.

FOR all Zimbabweans who want to help bring to notice issues that plague elections from a ‘pedestrian’ view, here is an opportunity to articulate your problems, highlight the dirty and the tardy, and most importantly, to right a wrong.

We have noticed that for the first time in history, the upcoming 2018 polls are likely going to be monitored by ordinary citizens —YOU—included as opposed to traditional institutions that have in the past enjoyed a monopoly on critical information pertaining to our lives.

So far, there is abundant user-generated content about, for example, the ongoing Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) circulating online. This content is generated and disseminated by watchful citizens like you who want to make their communities and country a better place.

A call to action: Be a Citizen Reporter

But in the backdrop of the proliferation of fake news, how do we trust citizen-generated information?

The Citizen Bulletin, an audience-first citizen journalism platform—which recently won the Hub Unconference Award for Best Citizen Journalism platform in Zimbabwe, is harvesting and authenticating user-generated content to produce a credible and trusted local news ecosystem, especially during elections.  

Against this background, we are a launching a citizen journalism campaign dubbed #WeReportBVR, which is going to run throughout the elections period.

The process

Would-be Citizen Reporters are invited to capture issues they, and others in their localities face using the following platforms:

  • Hashtag it: If you are posting on your social media wall (i.e Twitter and Facebook), use the hashtag #WeReportBVR.
  • Direct Message: You can alternatively send your content to us via our Twitter and Facebook Pages.
  • WhatsApp it: You can use our WhatsApp number +44 7379 371968 to send content to us.
  • Blog it: If you want to be a regular Citizen Reporter, you can REGISTER directly on our platform and be part of our growing network of dedicated citizen reporters. Try it HERE. 

Content format and publication

Our Citizen Reporters are expected to abide by a Code of Conduct such as the one above

We prefer videos (not more than 60 seconds long), text (not more than 100 words long) and pictures (not more than 5). The content that we receive will be published on The CB News Platform after verification and authentication. Contributors must be willing to respond to follow up questions from our edit team during the verification process.

 Be a Citizen Reporter 

Where we believe we can make a difference, we have not hesitated to take up cudgels — and thus why we invite you to be a Citizen Reporter so that you are not an armchair critic but a mover and shaker contributing to health information ecologies in local communities.

The Citizen Bulletin is a non-profit local news platform focused on user-generated content and public powered stories. The platform is run by local professional journalists who are driven by the passion for outcomes and solutions based journalism. The platform recently clinched the Best Citizen Journalism platform in Zimbabwe—and is currently immersed in the development of a citizen journalism platform to help professionalize the practice of citizen journalism in Zimbabwe.   


STORMY rains which were experienced in some parts of Plumtree over the weekend blew off roofing in one of the local schools. 

STORMY rains which were experienced in some parts of Plumtree over the weekend blew off roofing in one of the local schools. 

Matjinge High School, east of Plumtree town had one of its blocks partly blown off by the winds, which lasted for a few hours. 

The block whose roof was partly blow off by the storm/Image by our Citizen Reporter 

Although we were not able to get full details of the incident at the time of publication, our local reporters confirmed that the damage was minimal and would require only replacement of the roofing which was blown off. 

Editor's note: Content posted on this page is based on user-generated content from ordinary community members and our trained citizen reporters.  Efforts are made to verify and authenticate every report received. However, readers are encouraged to independently verify content on this page. 

Plumtree Musicians Receive BAA Nominations

PLUMTREE-born musicians Martin Sibanda, Tish Malaba and Clement Magwaza Ncube have been nominated for the inaugural Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) which recognise artistes from Matabeleland—including Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South.

The awards will be held on June 30 at the Bulawayo Large City Hall.

Sibanda and Ncube will both compete for the most outstanding Tshibilika/Rumba music. Their competition in this category includes Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu better known as Madlela—and most famous for his hit song “SaMaMo”.

Malaba on the other hand will compete for the Song of the Year and Best Kwaito/House through his Kalanga Child hit. 

 File photo: Martin Sibanda

Ncube and Sibanda are both famous for Tshibilika music better known as Rumba or Afro-fusion which is most popular in Matabeleland South and North provinces while Malaba is famous for pioneering Kalanga Kwaito/House music in Zimbabwe. 

The nominees have begun canvassing for votes on social media—and fans can cast votes for their favourite acts/artistes through sending a message to the adjudicators via WhatsApp or SMS to +263 777934443 or via the Awards’ official Facebook page Bulawayo Arts Awards.

 File photo: Clement "Magwaza" Ncube

To vote for the artiste of your choice use the format below and send your vote using the contacts options provided above. 


Genre/Category: Outstanding Tshibilika/Rumba Music

Artist/Act: Martin Sibanda/Clement Magwaza Ncube (NB: Pick your favourite)

To vote for Kalanga Child use the format below. 


Genre/Category: Outstanding Kwaito/House/Song of the Year

Artist/Act: Sinazo/Kalanga Child


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