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Gwanda Water Crisis Almost Over, But Residents Want More
Gwanda Water Crisis Almost Over, But Residents Want More
Byo Vendors Condemn Invasion By Zimbabwe Prison Services
Byo Vendors Condemn Invasion By Zimbabwe Prison Services
Here Is Why Jonathan Moyo Dislikes Command Agriculture
Here Is Why Jonathan Moyo Dislikes Command Agriculture
Are Roads Only Refurbished When HE Mugabe Visits?
Are Roads Only Refurbished When HE Mugabe Visits?

THE Gwanda Residents Association says their local authority should forthwith slash bills on water and other services as well as halt the prepaid water installation programme. 

(MATABELELAND SOUTH) — [The] Gwanda Residents Association says although the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) is about to hand over the control of the precious liquid to the local authority, high bills and the installation of prepaid water meters may cause a fresh collision between [the] residents and their beleaguered municipality. 

The sentiments by the residents comes at the backdrop of a two-month wrangle between the local authority and Zinwa over the control of the water treatment plant in the town which led to a major water shut-off in the Matabeleland South capital.

Recently, government recommended that Zinwa cede the water management powers to the municipality but only if the local authority proves it has capacity to manage water systems. 

But amid the sigh of relief, the advocacy has warned that "this is only but just the real beginning of our fight for a long standing stability on water issues and other equally pertinent service delivery issues in Gwanda " as it is highly opposed to the installation of prepaid water meters and feels the local authority should slash its extremely high rates. 

“As we await the finalisation of the handover of the water treatment plant to our council it is prudent to know that we still have very critical issues which we agreed to park to concentrate on the one issue.

"Some of these issues in hand include and are not limited to the issue of the high bills that council continues to bill us and the wanton installation of prepaid water meters,” Maduma Fuzwayo, the group’s leader warned in a statement yesterday.

The pressure group says the local authority must forthwith slash residents bills on water, street lighting levy and postage stamps costs “to show its commitment. 

"Our position as the Gwanda Residents Association remains unchanged that, the Municipality after agreeing that they have been overcharging us on water and unprovided services like street lighting levy and postage stamps costs, all our bills must there of be slashed to reflect the over charging and the commitment by the authority," the group advised.

While the local authority insists that the installation of prepaid water meters will help reduce the water bill, residents argue that the system shows "double standards" by authorities whom they have been assisting to fight Zinwa—their main foe in the struggle to end their water woes. 

To address the crisis, the advocacy group suggests waging a fresh campaign to “tackle these issues collectively and as a matter of urgency as we continue to demand for a higher level of service delivery.” 

Bulawayo vendors have urged the Zimbabwe Prison Service to acquire a vending license instead of invading their licensed space without approval from the Bulawayo City Council. 

BULAWAYO vendors say the move by Zimbabwe Prison Services (ZPS) to invade their vending space without approval from Bulawayo City Council (BCC) was unwarranted as it heavily shortchanged local vendors who pay licence fees to do business. 

The vendors represented by their local pressure group Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association (BVTA) allege that ZPS officials invaded their space on Friday last week and sold cabbages in their prisons trucks without a vending licence issued by BCC.

“BVTA feels that this is short-changing vendors and informal traders who pay for their licenses to the local authority”, the group charged in a statement seen by The CB News today.

“BVTA acknowledges economic hardships faced by everyone in the country where citizens have turned into vending as a source of livelihood, however that is not the ticket to abuse Bulawayo City Council Bylaws and have unfair advantage over vendors and informal traders who are paying for their vending licenses,” the emotional statement further reads.

 File image: Vendors wage a protest against ill-treatment by government

There were mini-skirmishes on Friday as vendors tried to stop ZPS trucks from selling their vegetables in the city. The pressure group says it would be better for ZPS officials to engage the BCC and pay license fees for vending than invading designated vending areas without authorisation. 

“BVTA urges ZPS to engage Bulawayo City Council and get permission to sell their products to avoid unnecessary collision with vendors as witnessed on Friday 16 June 2017,” the group advised and commended the local authority for properly handling the situation when it was brought to their attention.

 In the same statement, BVTA also urged political parties to desist from coercing their members from attending their political meetings without their consent.

“BVTA also observed that some political parties are unfairly coercing vendors to attend their meetings, we therefore urge political parties to respect the rights of vendors to be treated with dignity like other citizen as enshrined in Section 51 of the constitution of Zimbabwe,” the group appealed.

  VP Mnangagwa is in charge of the scheme

ZANU PF cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says he supports Command Agriculture but dislikes it because the scheme is corruptly implemented and is misused in the ruling party's internal power struggles. 

ZANU PF cabinet minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says he supports Command Agriculture but dislikes it because the scheme is corruptly implemented and is misused in the ruling party's internal power struggles. 

The revolutionary party's spin doctor says he dislikes the scheme—which is spearheaded by his nemesis Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa for two reasons. Below are two controversial tweets that we picked on his wall — showing why Moyo has in the last few months been critical of the scheme. 

We don't have more underlying reasons why the learned minister has off late been the number one critic of the government's Command Agriculture Scheme but we are sure after reading his recent tweets below you can judge for yourself. 

Moyo did not end here as he continued with his scathing attack on the scheme. 


In Zimbabwe, roads are only refurbished when HE Mugabe visits. 


IRONICALLY, President Mugabe(93) believes that his country Zimbabwe—which he has ruled for 37 years since independence is one of the most developed States in Africa. 

This is partly because his cabinet ministers closer to him have often concealed from him, the actual state of the affairs in the country ostensibly to cover up for their under-performance and corruption—which have run down the country, a one time bread basket of Africa. 

One of the tactics which government officials have been using off late — to cover up for their under performance is to refurbish roads — which are generally in a sorry state before Mugabe's visits to particular constituencies around the country. 

Ironically,  the money which government officials claim is not there to resurface roads is quickly availed to appease He Mugabe. Below are two images—captured by our citizen reporter showing Dangamvura road in Mutare before and after Mugabe's recent visit. 

Dangamvura road before Mugabe's visit: All potholed and bumpy


Dangamvura road after Mugabe's visit: All resurfaced and smooth 

This road was refurbished a few days before Mugabe's visit as has become the norm. Since the electioneering period has already begun, we are likely to see a number of positive developments in terms of infrastructure as government officials try to appease Mugabe and the electorate. 

Plumtree Musicians Receive BAA Nominations

PLUMTREE-born musicians Martin Sibanda, Tish Malaba and Clement Magwaza Ncube have been nominated for the inaugural Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) which recognise artistes from Matabeleland—including Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South.

The awards will be held on June 30 at the Bulawayo Large City Hall.

Sibanda and Ncube will both compete for the most outstanding Tshibilika/Rumba music. Their competition in this category includes Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu better known as Madlela—and most famous for his hit song “SaMaMo”.

Malaba on the other hand will compete for the Song of the Year and Best Kwaito/House through his Kalanga Child hit. 

 File photo: Martin Sibanda

Ncube and Sibanda are both famous for Tshibilika music better known as Rumba or Afro-fusion which is most popular in Matabeleland South and North provinces while Malaba is famous for pioneering Kalanga Kwaito/House music in Zimbabwe. 

The nominees have begun canvassing for votes on social media—and fans can cast votes for their favourite acts/artistes through sending a message to the adjudicators via WhatsApp or SMS to +263 777934443 or via the Awards’ official Facebook page Bulawayo Arts Awards.

 File photo: Clement "Magwaza" Ncube

To vote for the artiste of your choice use the format below and send your vote using the contacts options provided above. 


Genre/Category: Outstanding Tshibilika/Rumba Music

Artist/Act: Martin Sibanda/Clement Magwaza Ncube (NB: Pick your favourite)

To vote for Kalanga Child use the format below. 


Genre/Category: Outstanding Kwaito/House/Song of the Year

Artist/Act: Sinazo/Kalanga Child


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